A woman wearing a black shirt uses an automated teller machine.

Case Study: Bank of Guam

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Bank of Guam builds digital capabilities to be resilient in the face of change.


“For many years, our adoption of online banking was around 1 to 2 percent of our customer base. And just last year alone, it spiked up to almost 25 percent.  So, there’s a huge shift in usage, especially in mobile deposits,” he said. “When you’ve built this huge network of ATMs and you’re offering online banking—the link is telecommunications. If that goes down, the technology is useless.”


The Background:

The Bank of Guam (BOG) was naturally moving away from traditional, in-person transitions to electronic alternatives. As more electronic solutions were introduced, the BOG needed to move away from messy paper statements for account holders. For this, they needed a strong infrastructure that would support secure network connectivity.


The Solution:

With GTA, the BOG was able to adopt solutions for their operations that revolutionized the way they conducted their business. GTA assisted in establishing a secure infrastructure to allow BOG to invest heavily in internal systems while ensuring their telecommunication solutions provided reliable infrastructure and secure connections to handle this higher demand.


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