Traditional Voice

Business landline phone service

Experience crystal-clear quality and advanced calling features with our reliable business landline voice service.


A business connection you can count on

Every business needs a reliable communication solution to connect employees, partners, and customers. Our business landline phone service provides crystal-clear voice quality over a secure connection, with a wide range of calling features. Extra extensions and advanced features are also available with additional on-site hardware (PBX).

Centrex Voice Service

A business connection you can count on

GTA offers Centrex Voice Service, a central office-based non-VOIP communication system that provides many of the features and functionalities of a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or Key Telephone System without a large investment.

Take control of how and when people contact you

Calling features include:
Caller ID
See who is calling before you answer the phone.
Call forwarding
Automatically forward all your calls to another number so you never miss a call.
Call transfer
Transfer a call to any other number, including wireless numbers.
Call waiting
Receive a notification if there’s a second call while you are on the line.
Call waiting ID
View information for a second incoming call while you are on the line.
Route incoming calls to a live employee before sending a busy signal or to voicemail.
Last call return
Find out who your last caller was and automatically return the call
Three-way calling
Dial in an additional caller to keep everyone in the loop.
Business voicemail
A feature-rich way to send and listen to messages.
Speed dial up to 8 numbers
Program your most frequently called numbers into your phone for easy dialing.
Inside wire maintenance
Our trouble location and inside telephone wire repair plan.

Why GTA for business landlines?


The reliability you need

Our fully buried infrastructure provides a reliable and seamless connection, even during weather-related interruptions.


Calling features fit for business

Choose from a wide range of standard and advanced calling features to suit your needs, no matter your business size.


Improve your customer experience

Strengthen customer relations by giving your customers a phone line they can trust when they need it most. 

Is your business growing?

Switch to a flexible phone system that keeps you connected in the office and out on the road.
Give your business limitless ways to stay connected. 5G network access included.
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Save on products and services that help your business thrive.

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