Home Phone

GTA's telephone service gives you access to unlimited local incoming and outgoing calls on Guam, access to emergency 911 service, directory and operator services, and long distance services starting at only $14.00* per month.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Standard Calling Features Cost / Month
Call Waiting Know when someone else is trying to call you while you're already on the phone with call waiting. $2.50
Call Forward While away, call forwarding allows you to immediately send your calls to a different phone number whenever you want. Send house calls right to your cell phone if you happen to be away. $2.50
Call Forward - No Answer / Busy You can choose to only forward calls if the line is busy. Or you can even have calls forwarded after a few rings, thus allowing someone to pick up at home first. This is a great feature if you're not sure where you will be at certain times of the day. $2.50
Three Way Calling Plans can be easy to make when everyone is in the conversation. Try three way calling to keep everyone in the loop. $2.50
Speed Dial 8 Numbers Put your most frequently called numbers on speed dial so they are programmed right into your phone and are as easy to reach as the press of a button. $2.50
Standard Combinations Cost / Month
Any 2 Features $2.50
Any 3 Features $3.50
Any 4 Features $4.00
Any 5 Features* $6.00
*Special Discounted Rate
Premium Calling Features Cost / Month
Call Return Now you can find out where a call came from with call return. This gives you the ability to return the last incoming call. So even if you missed the phone, you don't have to miss the call. $2.50
Incoming Call Block This feature prevents calls from specific phone numbers by placing those numbers on a Call Block list. $2.50
Priority Ring You can find out who's calling even before you head to the phone. Priority ring gives you the ability to assign ring tones to different callers so you know who it is as soon as the phone rings. $2.50
Incoming Call Acceptance This feature allows you to program a list of 10 telephone numbers which are the numbers whose calls you will accept. Calls received from numbers not included in your list will be blocked. $2.50
Repeat Dialing Redial the last number you called until they respond with repeat dialing. This makes calling someone who has a busy signal quick and easy. GTA goes the extra step so that you don't have to. $2.50
Select Call Forwarding Pick who you want to reach you at a forwarded number, and let all other calls ring to your regular phone line as usual. Working late but don't want to miss those important calls? Forward selected numbers to your office so you don't miss a thing! $2.50
Anonymous Call Block With anonymous call blocking, you can prevent anonymous calls from ringing your phone. You can also give anonymous users the option of ringing your phone by "revealing their identity". They must enter their phone number which will then show up on your Caller ID display. $2.50
Long Distance Alert Know where your call is originating from with long distance alert. This way, you can instantly recognize when it's important to answer the phone because some is calling internationally or from the mainland. $2.50
Caller ID Caller ID may be used to display a caller's telephone number on your telephone. $2.50
Premium Combinations Cost / Month
Any 2 Features $4.00
Any 3 Features $6.00
Any 4 Features $7.00
Any 5 Features* $9.00
*Special Discounted Rate
Voicemail Services Cost / Month
Standard Residential Voice Mail Standard allows you to play, replay, rewind, skip, delete and save a message. You can also play, record, modify, and delete a personal greeting. $4.00
Plus Residential Voice Mail Plus includes all the features found in Residential Voice Mail Standard. You can also "Undelete" messages, record a message and send it to other users in the GTA Voice Mail System. Additionally, you can modify your Log-in Password, Personal Name and Personal Operator. $6.00