Guam: The digital port of the Pacific

GTA leads in transforming network connectivity and digital access by connecting  the U.S. and Asia Pacific Markets with best-in-class network solutions.

Expanding your connections

GTA’s Cable Landing Station (CLS) provides cable landing service to submarine cable operators for a safe and secure landing in Guam. We deliver a full set of services, including HDD access, cable station colocation and power services, dark fiber and optical fiber to major Data Centers and cable landing stations. GTA has extensive buried fiber routes and can provide engineering and consultancy services. 

GTA's cable landing station currently connects a consortium of subsea cable systems, including SEA-US West, SEA-US East, JGA North, and JGA South. We offer unique solutions connecting to all the CLS’s located on Guam:

  • Dark and lit fiber
  • Colocation services
  • Low latency routes on island
GTA_Undersea_Cable_Map@2x GTA_Undersea_Cable_Map_Mobile@2x
  • Connectivity to the U.S. and Asia with 12 current submarine cables that connect major Asia Pacific population centers (3+ coming soon).
  • Reduced latency for reaching U.S. based content.
  • Guam is a protected U.S. territory and adheres to U.S. rule of law and utilizes U.S. currency.

Why GTA?


Built with your business in mind

We deliver high-bandwidth transport and dark fiber services to telecom operators, financial services firms, hyperscalers, and large enterprises.

We own and operate our own capacity on the SEA-US East network

We have available capacity on both fiber pairs connecting Guam, Hawaii and California.

Terrestrial and subsea fiber infrastructure

We offer both undersea private lines and terrestrial private lines (10G/100G wavelengths).

Physically diverse routes to improve global connectivity and resiliency

Our connections provide long-term cable security, facilitating future stability in operations, maintenance, and repairs, which are improving connectivity across the Asia-Pacific region.

Solutions and Carriers, ISPs, and Content Providers

Carrier Services
Data Center

Get started with GTA’s cable landing station

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