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GTA is the leader in Guam data centers providing colocation, capacity, and connectivity to meet the demands of local and global enterprises, local businesses, government, and network service providers in the Asia Pacific region.
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Where America's Data Begins

As the westernmost territory of the United States, Guam serves as a bridge between North Asia, South Asia, Oceania, and North America making it an essential link in the global communications network. With 12 subsea cable systems currently landing on its shores and three more (Bifrost, Apricot, and Echo) in development, Guam is poised to become an even more significant player in the digital arena. Located securely outside disputed waters throughout Asia and with the protection of US rule and law, our trusted Guam data centers provide the ideal redundancy location, while simultaneously reducing latency to access US-based content.

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Your one-stop provider on Guam

GTA's Guam data center colocation facilities are proudly U.S. owned and operated. Our leading-edge data centers provide a robust, diversified, carrier-neutral facility to safeguard data, compute, Internet access, and connectivity to diverse locations, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your business.

What sets us apart in Guam? GTA is the only provider in Guam to offer two purpose-built data centers, intricately connected by fully redundant fiber paths between all local points of presence, cable landing stations, and data centers across the island, forming a robust foundation for seamless data transmission. This unique setup empowers us to deliver high-capacity data center interconnection up to 100 Gbps as well as ensure secure, low latency access all your applications and services.

Whether you prefer Ethernet, wavelengths, or a private network, GTA can deliver the right connectivity to the data centers with which you need to connect.

Meet our Data Centers

Flexible, secure, and scalable data center solutions to meet your critical infrastructure needs.


GNC iX Data Center

GNC iX features tier 3 standards and is a carrier-neutral colocation data center and cable landing station. The GNC iX facility offers 2 MW of power capacity across 11,800 square feet. The strategic location of the GNC iX data center enables direct submarine cable access to global population centers through terrestrial fiber connections to each of the five (5) cable landing stations on Guam.

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Alupang Data Center

Ready for equipment in Q1 2025, Alupang will be Guam’s first Tier 3, 4 MW data center and cable landing station built to the latest industry standards.

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Customizable data center solutions for your needs



Offerings include cabinets, secure cages, and private suites equipped with power, cooling, and security. Count on our highly trained technicians for top-tier management and scalability, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind for your business requirements.



We offer specialized support to help you install or migrate your IT environments. This is a high-level service that follows all layout, cabling, energy density, and security specifications, meeting all layout demands in colocation environments, security, monitoring, connectivity, and other solutions for your business.



Carrier-neutral facility, including Managed Cross Connects, and direct connectivity over GTA’s secure fiber network, and subsea cables. Our advanced connectivity solutions ensure fast, low-latency connections to equipment and other services in the data center, including connections to other network service providers.


Remote and Smart Hands

Our Remote and Smart Hands services provide your colocation with a set of complex tasks supported by GTA’s technical team. Our highly trained technicians are available 24/7 to be a physical extension of your organization to deploy, maintain, troubleshoot, and turn down your infrastructure.

Why GTA?


Diverse Connectivity

GTA’s data centers provide direct cable access to all cable stations, key government, and commercial locations via terrestrial fiber connectivity to all cable landing stations that land on Guam, allowing you to connect to 12 countries via a single cable system. Our advanced fiber-core network backbone is designed by Ciena, delivering up to 100G wavelengths.

Experience & Expertise

As Guam’s longest-serving communication provider, we have the experience and industry knowledge, local, and regional insights to navigate the complexities of the Asia Pacific market, ensuring your success in a dynamic and diverse landscape.


Operational Excellence

We own, manage, and operate our data centers and utilize redundant power systems, environmental controls, and secure access protocols to ensure maximum uptime and data protection. We offer an uptime SLA, supported by an experienced operations team and 24/7/365 security-qualified personnel.



Whether you need a single rack or a private cage, our data center infrastructure offers ample capacity for customers to cost-effectively expand your infrastructure requirements and connectivity to major cloud and network providers.

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