Excavation Clearance

When building or digging, you will need GTA’s clearance to ensure you do not damage underground lines. Below is the information you need for GTA approval.

How do I know if I need a site assessment?

Any digging requires a site assessment by a GTA clearance team member. This is to prevent any damage to our facilities, as well as any potential repair costs to you.

How do I submit a clearance request?

  1. Download our clearance request form here.
  2. Fill in all the necessary fields and attach your map. Guidance on how to attach a Google Map screenshot is below.
  3. Email your request to
  4. You will receive an email verification informing you your request was received. This auto-reply can be submitted to DPW as proof that a clearance request was submitted. Please note this is not proof that clearance has been granted.
  5. The GTA Finance Team will review the request and add a tracking number to document.
  6. Once approved, you will receive a call from our Clearance Team to schedule a walk-thru or ask additional questions.
  7. During the walk through the GTA Clearance Team will mark your area and sign your DPW/GTA documents.
  8. Requests should be approved and reviewed by our GTA Clearance Team before any digging begins.

What if I damage a GTA line?

A full investigation will be conducted by GTA Clearance Team to determine the nature and causes of the incident. If your company, subcontractor or affiliate is found to be at fault, then an invoice will be generated to restore service immediately.

This includes but is not limited to: materials/supplies, man hours to restore service, vehicle and heavy equipment expenses, overhead expenses and any concrete or asphalt repairs.

A second invoice may be generated to recover costs of the full span replacement. This includes but is not limited to: full span replacement and/or any concrete or asphalt repairs. 

Also, included will be all man hours needed to trench and restore the facilities back to the original condition prior to the damages (ped to ped or ped to BLDG). Please note all stipulations are pursuant to Chapter 71 of Title 21 Guam Code Annotated.

How do I attach a map?

  1. Go to
  2. In the Search Maps field, enter the closest known physical address. This should include the entire address – street, building number, village, country, and zip code.
  3. This will pull up the map with an approximate location or things near that pinpointed with a red bubble.
  4. Make sure the view is satellite view (you can click between the two in the upper right) – so you can better locate the streets on the map.
  5. From here you should zoom in as close as you can get while still being able see connecting streets. It is usually two or three notches away from fully zoomed.
  6. You can save this map by doing one of two things: Press Ctrl + Alt + Print Screen (could be SysRq on your computer). Then open a new word document and press Ctrl +V. This pastes it into the Word Document. From here you might want to make the page orientation sideways, so you can expand the map to full capacity.
  7. Then you can print the map and scan the copy into the account by clicking "print" in the upper right. 

It is also suggested you put the link to the map as well as the map name (Example: Royal Gardens construction for XYZ Construction Corporation). 

Excavation FAQs

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Can I expedite my request?
Yes, if you wish to expedite your request this should be noted in the request and subject line to GTA will accommodate these requests to the best of our ability.
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What if I need an Emergency Clearance?
You can request an emergency clearance by writing "Urgent" in the subject line of your email or call 811. Please be advised, you may be subject to Clearance expedite charges.
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What if I do not fill out the Clearance Request form completely?
GTA will be contacting the customer to receive all information not included on the form. This will cause delays in the approval and scheduling process.