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Monitoring the Latest Communication and Cybersecurity Trends

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Take a look back at what we learned in 2022 and look forward to our communication and security predictions for 2023 - from data driven initiatives to advanced technologies that protect us all, it promises to be an exciting journey. 

That's a wrap! The events of the past year have been an invaluable lesson for all of us; we're ready to look forward with ambition. One certainty we can count on is that communication and cybersecurity trends will help to shape the future. Let's use what we've learned as a foundation for even greater success. 

What We Learned In 2022

One of the most important lessons of this past year is that companies need to be prepared for anything. The Russian incursion into Ukraine brought with it the need for our local businesses in Guam to strengthen their cybersecurity measures in the face of unknown threats. With new conflicts and international pressures increasing, business owners must be able to protect their mission-critical data and ensure the integrity of their sensitive customer information. 

We've learned that businesses need to be resilient in weather-related interruptions, natural disasters, and security concerns, which can happen anytime and bring your operations to a standstill. We also learned that a network you can trust is crucial to a successful business, and that cyber incidents can damage the trust that people have in their providers. Given the cybersecurity trends of the past year, it’s clear that our community depends on robust, continuous protection that doesn't break the bank.    

We've seen the power that good communication tools can bring to a business, how communication technology helps fuel growth, and why having a team to support your systems can save time, money, and resources. Today, costs continue to rise because of inflation, and business owners lean on cost-conscious measures to reduce unnecessary spending. With the pandemic behind us, and tourism ramping back up, local businesses are dealing with extra costs and figuring out how they can decrease their bottom-line expenditures.  

We’ve learned a lot over the past year and are optimistic about what the future will bring to our community. Let's look at what our experts are predicting for the coming year.

Predicting Future Communication and Cybersecurity Trends

We expect many communication and cybersecurity trends in the coming years that will help Guam's businesses scale toward future growth. Here are a few of our favorites that will significantly impact local businesses. 

Speed Will Set Businesses Apart

Faster speeds equal faster business. Companies that embrace speed in their operations will have a significant advantage over the competition this year. Customers expect quality goods and services to be delivered efficiently. If your business lags behind, they'll quickly find an alternative provider who does meet expectations. To stay ahead of the game and provide reliable customer satisfaction for years to come, companies should look into 5G service speeds on expanded fixed networks. It's lightning-fast digital delivery at its finest! 

Companies Will Lean On Managed Service Offerings

With limited resources and costs rising due to inflation, intelligent business owners will outsource their network, communication, and security needs to boost productivity and offer heightened protection. Services like managed security, managed WiFi, customer premise equipment, and Hosted PBX will be game-changers to power growth. These services cut down on resources and costs and ease the burden of self-management. 

Flexible Solutions Are the Future 

Companies must stay agile and connected to succeed in a rapidly evolving and competitive digital world. By leveraging innovative technology platforms to create tailored solutions that optimize operations, businesses can enter uncharted territories, leading them toward meaningful growth while energizing employee engagement along the way.  

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