GTA Mobile Manåmko' Workshop Series

Keeping Manåmko' Connected

GTA recognizes the importance of technology in today's world and believes everyone should have the knowledge needed to navigate it.

The 2024 Mobile Manåmko' Workshop Series are scheduled at various Senior Center throughout the year:

  • May 20, 10-11am - Santa Rita Senior Center
  • July 15, 1pm-2pm - Sinajana Senior Center
  • September 16, 10-11am - Yona Senior Center
  • November 18, 10-11am - Hagat Senior Center
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Our Mobile Manåmko workshops will cover various topics, including basic smartphone skills, email and social media, and online safety. Each session will be led by a knowledgeable Smart team member who will provide hands-on training and answer attendees' questions.

Upcoming Workshops and Resources

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GTA Smart Center technicians and volunteers lead engaging workshops to boost participants' confidence and proficiency in embracing technology in their daily lives. Bring your own devices; personalized guidance is provided for those needing assistance.

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Downloadable Guides

Download and Print a PDF of our Tutorial Guides that provide step-by-step answers to our most commonly asked questions.

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