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Does Your Telecommunications Provider Offer Enough Security?

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Does Your Telecommunications Provider Offer the Right Security?

When you're using the internet, you are at risk — even after working hours. The last thing you want to think about is your company or customer information getting stolen or encrypted by a hacker. As more of your workers log in remotely, it's important that your network can properly support the traffic and stay secure while doing it. Without the proper defenses, all your data (and your clients' information) is there for the taking.

How do you prevent a hacker from interrupting your business and stealing your data? Your first line of defense should lie in your network provider and their cybersecurity products. Let's go over the proper defenses your telecommunications provider should have implemented, and how to see if they have the right security standards in place.

Securing Your Castle

One of the largest indicators of poor cybersecurity is a lack of formalized security processes. If you are adding a new device onto a network and there is no set of protective procedures to follow, you're only setting yourself up for a potential cyber attack. 

If you have inconsistent applications and deployment, then your cyber security becomes — you guessed it — inconsistent. If you don't have a strong and steady line of multiple defenses, then your enterprise is a sitting duck waiting for an attack.

Let's take a look at how to secure your network and build an optimized security process.

A Secure Line of Defenses

Every time you use a cloud service like Gmail, Facebook, or Instagram, you leave a digital footprint on the internet and make yourself visible to potential hackers. Most enterprise businesses have their own firewalls and antimalware already in place. Isn't the security you have already enough to prevent cyber vulnerability? The answer is simple: no.

While antimalware and firewalls are indeed helpful, they are only one part of your defense. You need to have more protection than that for your important data. Have a conversation with your telecommunications provider to help evaluate your options.

Defense in Depth

Think of your business as a castle that's about to be under siege. It's important to deploy the right security measures so you don't fall victim to the enemy's attacks. 

Your telecommunications provider should have a next-generation security firewall installed to ensure that the perimeter of your "kingdom" (or network) is safe and secure. With the right firewall, you can receive updates every hour to alert you if there is any threat to your defenses, allowing your IT team to respond if necessary.

But having a firewall isn't enough to prevent a hacker from breaking in. Intrusion protection systems (IPS) are a necessary secondary defense when it comes to building your cyber resiliency. 

An intrusion protection system is a network security tool that continuously monitors your network for malicious activity and takes action to prevent it, including reporting and blocking. An IPS is more advanced than an intrusion detection system (IDS), which can only detect malicious activity but not take action against it. An IPS can scan a high volume of network traffic without affecting network performance.

After that comes basic computer protection. Each computer should have its own antivirus software, as well as localized firewalls. If you neglect one of these items, it can be like leaving a door open for a hacker to step through. It's important that your telecommunications provider has the tools to support you and your security, no matter the size of your network.

Cyber Resiliency From the Island's Most Trusted Telecommunications Provider

At GTA, we know how precious your data is, and we strive to keep it safe. As hackers evolve their tactics, we are always there to manage your infrastructure safely and securely. We use our knowledge and expertise to build security solutions that you can leverage to scale your business and keep it operating functionally, even beyond the island.

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