Digital TV

Digital Television

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20+ Channels

Lite TV

  • Includes 1 Set Top Box and Remote
  • Over 20 channels (View Channel Line-Up)
  • Add another Set Top Box for just $5.95

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105+ Channels

Basic TV

  • Includes 1 Set Top Box and Remote
  • Over 105 channels (View Channel Line-Up)
  • Add another Set Top Box for just $5.95

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Expand your viewing options and add more value to your Digital TV experience.

Upgrade your TV Service
Basic Add On $14.95
Sports & Entertainment Package $10.00
HD Enable Equipment Fee (to receive HD channels) $5.00
HD Plus $4.95
On Demand
Video On Demand & Pay-Per-View Prices Vary
Subscription on Demand  
Disney Family Movies $4.99
Sports Entertainment Package
Channels Monthly Price
NFL Redzone, Big 10, HRTV, Fox College Sports (Pacific, Central & Atlantic), MavTV, Sportsman Channel and NFL Redzone HD $10.00
Premium Movie Packages
  # of Channels Price
HBO 6 $19.95
Cinemax 7 $17.95
Showtime/TMC/FLIX 11 $17.95
Starz Encore Package 13 $17.95

Premium movie channels include access to Subscription Video on Demand.

International Premium Channels
TFC (The Filipino Channel) $13.49
TFC Premium (TFC, BRO, MYX, ABS-CBN News, Cinema One Global, DZMM TeleRadyo, DWRR Radio) $27.99
GMA Pinoy $11.95
GNTV (GMA Pinoy, GMA News) $18.00
GMA Plus Package (GMA Pinoy, GMA Life, GMA News, DZBB Radio, DWLS Radio) $26.80
Kapamilya Bundle (ABS-CBN, BRO, MYX, Cinema One, DZMM, DWRR) $18.95
Korean Premium Package (SBS, MBC) $19.95
SBTN $14.99
TV 5 Monde $9.95

Premium channels in HD (Requires subscription to associated premium package)

Line Backer Monthly Price
Optional inside wire protection plan to cover home telephone,
internet and Digital TV
Equipment Rental & One Time Charges Monthly Price
Set Top Box (Required) $5.95
Whole Home Digital Video Recorder $14.95
  One Time Charge
Initial Standard Basic Installation (up to 3 STBs) $99.95
Secondary Installation $39.95
Additional Outlet $19.95
Customer premise visit / Trouble Call $75/hr min.

GTA Digital TV service is not available in all areas. Some restrictions apply. Programming, pricing, terms and conditions are subject to change. Prices represent residential service. Programming is provided in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Digital TV service agreement.

Digital Television

What's new with TV on Guam? With GTA Digital TV you get a better experience and enjoy quality picture, sound and high definition viewing with more choices. You'll never watch TV the same way again!


  • 100% digital TV quality
  • Package options to fit any budget
  • Popular Premium channels
  • More international programming
  • Digital Music Channels
  • Easy to Use Interactive Guide
  • Parental Controls
  • Whole Home Digital Video Recorder (WHDVR) exclusively with GTA Digital TV
  • 24x7 Support