• Q. Are there additional monthly fees or contracts required for the BoostBox?

    A. No, there are no monthly fees or contracts required for the BoostBox.

  • Q. Can I make Domestic and International LD calls while connected to the BoostBox?

    A. Yes, you will be able to place and receive LD calls while connected to the BoostBox. LD rates still apply when connected to the BoostBox.

  • Q. How do I connect to the BoostBox?

    A. The Boost Box is easy to install! When you receive a BoostBox, we’ll be giving you a Quick Start Guide that'll show you how to install the BoostBox in easy-to-follow steps. Basically, you would need to connect the BoostBox to your router, plug it in to a power outlet, and just wait for the device to connect!

  • Q. Where can I get a BoostBox?

    A. GTA's BoostBox is available at any of our Retail locations.

  • Q. Where is the best place to put the BoostBox?

    A. It is best to put the BoostBox at the most central point in your home to receive the best signal.

  • Q. Am I able to use the BoostBox if I have Internet services with another carrier besides GTA?

    A. In order for the BoostBox to work, you will need to have GTA Internet 2.5Mbps or higher.

  • Q. Will other people be able to connect to my BoostBox when they are in the coverage area?

    A. Yes, other people are able to connect to your BoostBox as long as they are GTA Wireless customers and are within its coverage area. Phones that are on other carriers’ networks cannot use the BoostBox capabilities.

  • Q. Will other carriers’ phones work with my BoostBox?

    A. Only GTA Wireless phones will work on the BoostBox.

  • Q. Do I need to do anything on my handset in order to connect to the BoostBox?

    A. In the initial set-up, you may have to reboot your phone in order for it to connect, but after that, you won’t need to reboot. When you enter your home, your phone should automatically connect to the BoostBox.

  • Q. Will I be able to use the BoostBox if I’m a GTA prepaid customer?

    A. Yes, our prepaid customers can enjoy improved indoor cellular experience with our BoostBox.

  • Q. How do I know if I’m connected to the BoostBox?

    A. If you are connected to the BoostBox, you will see “GTA Boost” on your handset. If your device is an Android, you may not see a “GTA Boost” on your device, but you will see an increased number of signal bars.

  • Q. Is the BoostBox compatible with devices like the iPad or Kindle?

    A. The BoostBox may work with iPads, Kindles, or other devices that can connect to GTA’s 3G or 4G HSPA+ cellular network.

  • Q. What is the coverage range of the BoostBox?

    A. The maximum coverage of the BoostBox is approximately 40 feet if there are no obstructions in its way.

  • Q. Will I have to purchase a specific handset to work with the BoostBox?

    A. As long as you have a 3G or 4G HSPA+ handset, you will not have to purchase a different unit.

  • Q. If I am on a phone call and move from the BoostBox coverage area to an outside area, will my call drop?

    A. Your call should not drop and you should be able to move seamlessly outside of the BoostBox coverage area.

  • Q. If I am on a phone call and move from an outside area to the BoostBox coverage area, will my call drop?

    A. It's possible your call may drop when moving form an outside area to a Boost Box coverage area.

  • Q. Is the BoostBox for voice calls only or can I use it for data as well?

    A. With GTA's BoostBox, you can use it for both voice and data.

  • Q. Can I use the BoostBox instead of DSL as my Internet Connection?

    A. We’re sorry, but the BoostBox can’t be a replacement for your DSL Internet Connection. The BoostBox is meant to improve cellular signal strength and to work with devices that use the cellular network for voice and/or cellular data applications.