Text INFO (4636)

  1. Text SMS keyword 'data' to INFO (4636)

  2. Receive a free text message back about your current data usage

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a short code?

    A short code is a unique number that gives you access to specific account information by sending an SMS keyword through your GTA wireless phone.

  • Are there other SMS keywords I can use to find out more information about my GTA account?

    At this time, "data" is the only SMS keyword you can use.

  • Do I have to type out the SMS keywords in caps or does the SMS keyword have to be typed out in all lower case?

    The SMS keyword can be typed out in caps or lower case just as long as the SMS keyword is spelled correctly.

  • I sent the keyword "data" to 4636, but I did not get a response back. What happen?

    You may have received the message on a different SMS thread. I would suggest checking your SMS inbox and look for a message from "+4636".

  • Do I have to add "+" to "4636"?

    No, it is not necessary. You can either send the SMS keyword to "+4636" or "4636" and still be able to retrieve your account information. The only difference is, if you send the SMS keyword to "4636", you will receive a response from "+4636".

  • Can I find out how much data I've used on my prepaid phone using Text INFO?

    No. Text INFO can only be used if you subscribe to an Individual Postpaid Plan to check your current data usage.

  • Can I use Text INFO on someone else's mobile phone to retrieve my account information?

    No, in order to retrieve your account information, you must use your GTA wireless phone that is under your account.

  • Can I use Text INFO while roaming?

    Yes, however, you will be charged standard SMS roaming rates.

  • If I am roaming, can I use Text INFO to find out how much data I've used while roaming?

    No, at this time that feature is unavailable. If you do use Text INFO while roaming to check your data usage, it will give you your total data usage for the month which will be the data usage you used on Guam and while roaming within that month.

International iPhone Unlock

When traveling outside of Guam, you can now pop in a SIM card from any US or International carrier and take advantage of better local prepaid pricing. With our International Unlock Feature, your iPhone is locked to the GTA network on island, but unlocked when using another carrier outside of Guam.

This feature is available for all GTA customers on all iPhone models.

Customers who travel off island can use a different carrier SIM card.

  • No special update required.
  • Insert an off island carrier SIM card.
    • You may have to activate your iPhone and enter your Apple ID and Password. You can do so over a good Wi-Fi network, cellular data connection, or through iTunes.
  • Restart the iPhone.
  • Available to all GTA iPhone users on all iPhone models.

Upon returning back to GUAM customers must reinsert GTA SIM card to reactivate service.

  • You may need to activate your iPhone and enter your Apple ID and Password. You can do so over a good Wi-Fi network, cellular data connection, or through iTunes.


Introducing the solution to Guam's home cellular coverage issues!
The BoostBox is a small and easily installed device that enhances indoor cellular coverage to provide more reliable voice and data service. It's like having a mini cell tower in your home!


  • Improves wireless voice and data coverage and quality in your home
  • Increases battery life of your cell phone
  • Can use immediately! No configuration necessary


  • Designed for open access with your devices receiving top priority
  • Provides extended wireless coverage up to 40ft†
  • Supports up to 4 simultaneously active devices
  • Works with 3G/4G (HSPA+) handsets/devices


  • One-Time Activation Cost: $50
  • Requires GTA 2.5Mbps or higher DSL
  • Usage generated from BoostBox will be deducted from your Wireless plan

†Actual coverage will be limited by the density of obstructions


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