TV Everywhere


  • What is TV Everywhere?

    TV Everywhere allows our GTA Digital TV customer to stream TV shows from any web enabled device such as a Smart phone, Tablet, or PC.

  • Will more TV Everywhere content be added?

    Yes. GTA will be seeking additional programming to add and launching them as they become available.

  • How much does TV Everywhere cost?

    It is Free!

  • Can a GTA Lite Digital TV Subscriber use TV Everywhere?

    Not at this time. You will need to be subscribed to the same channels as the TV Everywhere content you are trying to stream.

  • Where can I watch TV Everywhere?

    TV Everywhere is accessible from anywhere you can receive a wired or wireless internet broadband connection.

  • Does my Internet connection affect my TV Every experience?

    Yes. Your internet signal and connection will need to be steady and reliable. Any of GTA’s internet services can stream TV Everywhere reliably.

  • How do I use TV Everywhere?

    GTA Digital TV customers will just need to go through the registration process from the TVE page on our website at . Customers will need to provide the account number and last name on their billing.

  • How many different devices can I access TV Everywhere simultaneously?

    Usual limit is 2 to 3 at a time. This limit is varies and is set by the content provider and not by GTA.

  • Does TV Everywhere count against my mobile data or internet data plan?

    Yes. Data usages and charges still apply. However streaming TVE via GTA internet Wi-Fi is free.

  • Can I stream TV Everywhere from a different provider other than GTA?

    Yes. We recommend you are on a 4G LTE or Broadband WiFi connection. All of GTA’s current internet plans can support TV Everywhere streaming.

  • How many times can I try to log in?

    5 max attempts after that you will be temporarily locked out for 15 minutes before you can try again.

  • What do I do if forget my username or password?

    You can click the forgot username or forgot password links on the bottom of the login screen and provide some additional information to get the information emailed to you.

  • How will I know if you am logged in?

    You will get a congratulations message and your video will be able to play with the GTA logo located on the top right of the screen.

  • What if I get a message saying I am not authorized to view this content?

    This means you may need to upgrade your digital TV package to be subscribed to the content channel.

  • Can I watch Video content outside of the Guam and the U.S.?

    Due to content rights and restrictions you may be limited to TV Everywhere access in foreign locations.

  • What do I do if I cannot access TV Everywhere?

    Call GTA at 644-4482 for more assistance.