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Ease(SIM) of use

Two phones numbers, one device

Combine both your work number and personal number onto one device.

Connect your devices with ease

Use eSIM technology to connect your devices right from your home. Call our Call Center at 644-4482 or jump on a live chat to get started.

Traveling and staying connected

Bring your eSIM capable phone on your next adventure and stay connected to friends and family.

What devices can I activate with eSIM?

eSIM is available on the following handsets*
iPhone SE (2nd Generation released in 2020)
iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max
iPhone Xr
iPad Pro Cellular (2018 & 2020)
iPad Air 9.7 Cellular (2018)
iPad Air 2 Cellular
iPad Mini Cellular (2019)
iPad 10.2 Cellular (2019)
Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S0+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold
Google Pixel 4a and Google Pixel 4a XL
Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL
Google Pixel 3a and Google Pixel 4a XL
Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL

*Actual eSIM compatibility may vary based on model.

How to setup your eSIM

For the setup process, please refer to the email you received.

Option 1: Scan the QR Code

  • Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network
  • Select “Download a SIM instead?” and then select “Next”
  • When prompted, scan the QR code in the email sent and follow the instructions to setup your service.

Option 2: Set up manually

  • Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network and click the “+” symbol
  • Select “Download a SIM instead?” and then select “Next”.
  • Select “Use a different network”
  • Select “Need Help?” and then select “Enter it manually”.
  • When prompted to “Enter the code you got from your provider”, enter the LPA found in the email under the QR code then select “Continue”. (Enter exactly as shown as it is case-sensitive.) Follow the rest of the instructions to setup your service.


How can I sign up for an eSIM?

If you have an eSIM compatible device, you can sign up for eSIM by visiting one of our retail locations or by calling our Call Center.

What OS systems are compatible?

iOS 12.1 or later and Android 9 or later.

How long does it take to activate an eSIM?

Activating an eSIM on your device takes only a few minutes.

I am an existing customer with a physical SIM card, how would I change to an eSIM?

Please visit any of our Retail Locations or call our Call Center at 644-4482. One of our customer service reps will assist you.

Does eSIM work on Wireless Postpaid & Prepaid?

At this time, eSIM is only available for Wireless Postpaid services.

What plans are available for eSIM?

All wireless postpaid plans are available for eSIM.

Do I have to visit a GTA store to get an eSIM?

No, if you already have an eSIM compatible device, then you can also call our Call Center to sign up for eSIM.

How much does an eSIM Cost?

Activating an eSIM is free!

I wiped (or lost) my handset, will my profile be saved when I restore my phone, or do I need to call GTA to get a brand new QR Code? Can I use my existing QR Code?

If you need to reset/wipe your handset, you will have the option to keep the eSIM profile on your device. If you don't save the profile, you'll need to request for a new eSIM. If you lose your device and need to set up your service on a new device, you will need to request for a new eSIM.

Is there a charge for a replacement eSIM?

No, there’s no charge to replace your GTA eSIM.

When will I need to replace my eSIM?

You will only need to replace your eSIM if you lose your device or delete the eSIM from your device.

What is the difference between an eSIM only device and a Dual SIM with an eSIM device?

The difference between an eSIM only device and a dual SIM with eSIM device is that an eSIM only device does not use a physical SIM. A dual SIM with eSIM device can use both physical and eSIM.

Can we have two different numbers?

Yes, if your phone has the capability for more than one eSIM or a physical SIM and eSIM, you will be able to have two different services with two different numbers.

Can I have 2 eSIM profiles on one phone?

Yes, but only one can be active at a time. You can store more than one eSIM profile.

Can I have both GTA and another local carrier eSIM?

If you are using a carrier locked device, you will only be able to use that carrier. If you’re using a fully unlocked device, then you will able to use two different local carriers.

Can I have different services on different SIM (physical & eSIM) (e.g. Voice and Text on Physical SIM + Data on eSIM)?

Yes, if you have multiple SIM cards installed on your device (regular and eSIM), you will be able to assign which number you want to use for Voice, Text, and Data.

Does the eSIM store numbers, like physical sim cards?

Yes, eSIM's are capable of storing your contacts however, we recommend using another way to store your contacts because when you upgrade or move to a different device, you will need a new eSIM.

What should I do if I scanned the QR code on the wrong device?

If you set up your eSIM service on the wrong device, you will be able to remove it. Once you remove it, give us a call or visit one of our stores and we’ll get you set up on the right device.

Can I have the same eSIM on two different devices?


Can I reuse a QR code once it has been scanned?

No, once a QR code is activated on a device, you will not be able to reuse it.

I am an existing customer upgrading my device and want to use eSIM service. Do I have to pay for an eSIM replacement?

No, if you are purchasing a new device with us, you will not be charged for a new eSIM.

Do I have to get a new QR code if I want to upgrade my device?

Yes, you will need to use a new QR code if you are upgrading your device.

I currently have a device on eSIM and had purchased a device online, will I need to call in for a new QR code? Will it work?

Yes, if you want to transfer your wireless service to another device, you will need to request for a new eSIM and QR code. You will also need to ensure the device you are transferring your service to is unlocked or locked to GTA.

Can GTA activate eSIM service remotely?

No, to activate an eSIM on your device, you will need to set it up on the device itself.

I cannot scan the QR code, can I enter a code manually?

Yes, if you are unable to scan the QR code, you will be able to set up your eSIM manually. Please see the manual setup instructions for your device on the email that was sent to you.

I am currently on eSIM, can I change my number? Do I need a new QR Code?

Yes, you can change your number and no, you will not need a new QR code.

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