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Google Wifi (2nd Gen)

About this device

Enjoy a consistent connection to the web with this Google Wi-Fi setup. This Google Wi-Fi system provides a reliable signal that can be shared by multiple devices at once.​

Key Features
  • Quad-core ARM Processor
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Each point can handle up to 100 connected devices.
  • Multiple simultaneous 4K video streams
  • WPA3 encryption
  • Automatic security updates
  • Whole-Home Coverage (up to 1500 sq. ft. per point)
  • Supports both star and daisy chain configurations
  • Expandable 802.11s mesh Wi-Fi

$50.00* - Single*

$150.00* - Triple

GTA Internet Customers benefit from a discount on this device.

* Price subject to change in store