Home Phone


Basic Phone Service Cost / Month
Residential Single Line $14.00
Subscriber Line Charge* $6.50
Federal Universal Service Charge* $1.52
(subject to change quarterly)
E911 Surcharge $1.00
Published Phone Number Free
Residential Local Number Portability Charge Free
ARC (Access Recovery Charge) $3.00
Optional Service Cost / Month
Simple Inside Wire Maintenance Subscription $1.75
Non-Published Phone Number $2.50
411 Directory Assistance Services Cost / Call
1st Three Inquiries / Month Free
Local Guam Number Inquiry $0.75
Placing calls automatically after obtaining number $0.50
  One Time Costs
Security Deposit $35.00
Processing Fee $36.40
Simple Inside Wire / Jack Installation** $36.40/jack

For a minimal monthly fee get Voice Mail! GTA Voice Mail is a service that gives you the freedom to work without interruptions and record all calls. When you receive calls, GTA Voice Mail will answer: more than one call at a time, whenever your phone or line is busy, and/or anytime you can't answer. In addition, you don't have to remember to turn our service off and on - GTA Voice Mail is on 24 hours a day


Lifeline Monthly Rates

Monthly Flat Rate for Basic Service $7.75. Monthly rate does not include any optional services such as but not limited to: Non Published directory listing, Standard, and Premium Calling Features.

*Lifeline pricing as follows:

Lifeline Monthly Rates
Single Line $14.00
Subscriber Line Charge for Lifeline $6.50
Total $20.50
Federal Lifeline Support Discount -$9.25
Local Lifeline Support Discount -$3.50
Monthly Basic Lifeline: $7.75
*Non-recurring charges include a Security Deposit of $7.00 and Processing Fee of $36.40
*The Subscriber Line Charge for Lifeline is pro-ratable; all other charges will be billed in full.