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Personalize your phone service by getting the features that will work for you. Choose from an array of valuable offerings that keep up with your calling needs. We are working hard to bring you the best options available for a low monthly cost. Enjoy more for less with GTA with these great additions to local phone service.

Feature Value Pack

- Feature Value Pack $5.00 / Month (after trial period ends)

- 30-Day Free Trial Offer

Feature Value Pack is a money-saving residential package for the low price of $5.00 per month.

  • Call Waiting
  • Three Way Calling
  • Incoming Call Block
  • Standard Voice Mail
  Cost / Call
Call Wake-Up Imagine the luxury of a personal wake-up call at home, just like at a hotel. $2.00
One Time Costs Price
Secondary Service Order Charge $20.00
Feature Installation Charge $7.50
One Time Costs Price
Security Deposit $35.00
Processing Fee $36.40
Simple Inside Wire / Jack Installation* $36.40/jack

*If a phone jack is already in place, there is no installation needed and you can get connected today without any additional installation fees.

Please Note: The prices above are subject to change and are applicable to local taxes.


InsideWiring Insurance

Protect yourself from unexpected repair costs

Problems with your home’s telephone wiring can result in unexpected repair costs. It’s never too late to sign up to protect the telephone wiring that keeps your household in touch with the world. The GTA TeleGuam Inside Wire Maintenance plan offers peace of mind by covering repair charges for standard inside telephone wiring and jacks inside due to normal wear and tear and accidental damage. If a problem does occur, just dial 644-4GTA (4482), or 611, and one of our qualified technicians will come to your home to diagnose and repair it.

Inside Wire Maintenance Plan Rates
Residential per Month (up to three jacks) $1.75
Business per Month (up to three jacks) $3.00
  • What is covered?

    • Repair of inside telephone wiring and jacks for customary voice transmissions where there is NO service due to wear and tear or accidental damage caused through normal use (replacement is at the discretion of GTA TeleGuam)
    • Telephone wiring and jacks must be active under the subscriber’s name at the time Inside Wire Maintenance plan was purchased.
    • A diagnostic service, identifying the source of a problem to the client's terminal equipment (phone, fax, modem, cordless phones etc)
    • Customers without a self test jack-ended demarcation device will have a self test jack installed, and be covered for the cost of the diagnostic service and repair of jacks and inside wire due to accidental damage
  • What is not covered?

    • Quality of Local Line reception not covered - i.e. static, humming, echo, etc; there must be "NO Service" (no dial tone)
    • Wiring between buildings and non-telephone wiring (e.g. electrical, cable TV, alarm system, audio, intercom, etc.)
    • Repair of inside wire or jacks that do not meet industry standards for telecommunication
    • Pre-existing malfunctions known to the client
    • Repair of inside telephone wire and jacks due to intentional damage, vandalism or any natural disaster, including fire, flood, lightning strikes, typhoons or other Acts of God.
    • New installations, rearrangements or reconfigurations of inside telephone wiring and jacks
    • Excessive repair requests, as may be reasonably determined by GTA TeleGuam
    • Repair or replacement of inside telephone wire and jacks due to errors on data transmission (Service applies to voice grade telephone service only).
    • Where existing service subscribers request coverage under the Plan, the Plan will not become effective until 30 days after the date the Plan is ordered. This Plan is provided on a month-to-month basis and can be cancelled by either party giving oral or written notice to the other.

Keep Your Number Private

  • Per Call Blocking

    Per Call Blocking lets you block your telephone number from showing on your called party's Caller ID display. Per Call Blocking is available free of charge. You must activate Per Call Blocking for each call you want blocked. When you activate Per Call Blocking, the called party will receive a "Private Number" message instead of your telephone number.

    To activate Per Call Blocking

    1. Lift the handset and listen for the dial tone.
    2. Dial *67 before placing a call.
    3. When you hear a second dial tone, place your call.
  • Anonymous Call Block

    Anonymous Call Block allows you to reject those calls whose telephone numbers are blocked from displaying. Anonymous callers are routed to a recorded announcement informing them that you do not accept anonymous calls.

    Anonymous Call Block monthly rate: $2.50

    To activate your Anonymous Call Block feature:

    1. Lift the handset and listen for the dial tone.
    2. Dial *62
    3. You will receive a confirmation tone of two “beeps”.
    4. Anonymous Call Block is now activated.
    5. Callers who are rejected will hear the announcement “The party you are calling is not accepting this call”.

    To deactivate Anonymous Call Block feature:

    1. Lift the handset and listen for the dial tone.
    2. Dial *82
    3. You will receive a confirmation tone.
    4. Anonymous Call Block is now deactivated.
  • Directory Non-Published

    Want even more privacy? With Directory Non-Published Service, GTA TeleGuam will omit your telephone number from all published telephone directories and our directory assistance (411) database.

    Non-published phone number rates:

    • Residential Line per Month: $2.50
    • Business Line per Month: $2.50