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Your GTA for Enterprise and Strategic Partnerships

GTA for Enterprise and Strategic Partnerships 

Understanding the needs of our enterprise and strategic partners

Your business is constantly evolving, and so are we. As Guam's only native full-service telco with strategic global partnerships, no other telco shares a vision for your business of the future like we do.

Building integrated solutions to meet your enterprise and strategic needs

As an enterprise business, your reach extends beyond the island. Which is why we use our knowledge and expertise to build services and integrated solutions that you can leverage to scale your business.

Why GTA for enterprise and strategic partners

At GTA, we connect your business with an increasingly smart and secure infrastructure, with devices and solutions that deliver insights, efficiencies, and greater levels of control. We facilitate – often invisibly – interactions that delight, and upon which you can build a first-class business in the service of your customers.

A world-class network and business service

Investing in a world-class network

Your island-based business deserves the best. We have invested over $70 million in our networks over the past four years, with no plans to stop, to consistently deliver a world-class experience to the businesses of Guam.

Expanding our business services to serve you

Whether you operate a SoHo or SMB, or run an enterprise on our island, we offer business services for organizations of all sizes to increase your efficiency and reliability.

Security and resilience

Protect your mission-critical data

Your data integrity and communications should not be compromised. As the premier network supplier for Tier 1 carriers and US Intel Agencies protecting national security interests, you can rest easy knowing your business data is safe with us.

Maintain your vital technology systems' functions

The continuation of your mission-critical functions during the event of a disaster or weather-related interruptions is our utmost priority. As the only player on Guam with a fully buried, fully owned fiber and copper network, we offer a resilient infrastructure with recovery capabilities that is always on and always there.

The connected workforce

Fuel your productivity and efficiency

Whether your workforce needs are simple or advanced, we want you to take your business to new heights. Bolster you and your teams productivity and efficiency on Guam's most reliable network with extensive, protected, and diverse fiber assets connecting all locations on the island.

Our island-centric innovation

Our products and solutions are conceived by you and our island. We are committed to integrating your digital needs is at the core of our innovation process. That's why we provide you with the latest technologies and products and are continually investing in upgrading our infrastructure.

Create closer customer connections

When your workforce is connected, the connectivity, efficiency, and collaboration in the workplace trickle down to your customers. Enhance the connections you have with your customers by facilitating conversations and info-sharing across multiple platforms and devices.

Your GTA support

For assistance or to book an appointment in our stores, please contact us. We’re happy to assist you.

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