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Cable landing station

Connecting you further

Guam is a reliable communications hub for transpacific systems as it is positioned as the closest US point to Asia.

GTA's Cable Landing Station (CLS) currently connects a consortium of subsea cable systems, including SEA-US West, SEA-US East, HK-G, JGA North and JGA South, and can offer unique solutions connecting to all the CLS’s located on Guam.

If you are interested in a private connection or need a special access line, our subsea cable system is built with you in mind.

  • The Guam cables provide single subsea cable system access to: Japan, Australia, US mainland, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Brunei.
  • The subsea cable system is designed to bypass congested, earthquake-prone regions and optimize stable connectivity.
  • The subsea cable system consists of two optical fiber pairs on each segment, with an initial configuration capacity of 1.6 terabits per second and a total design capacity of 20 terabits per second using 100-gigabit wavelength technology.

Our connections provide long-term cable security, facilitating future stability in operations, maintenance and repairs, which are improving connectivity across the Asia-Pacific region.

Essentially, our CLS enables us to get you connected, from our door to yours, whether you are located on Guam, in the US or Asia.

Services we provide

  • Undersea Private Lines - 10G / 100G Wavelengths)
  • Terrestrial Private Lines - 10 / 100G Wavelengths)
  • Cross Connects - Fiber / Copper
  • Colocation - Power, Rack Space, Smart Hands (aka support)

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Let's get your enterprise connected