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GTA is updating our Wireless Data Fair Usage Policy starting December 1, 2019

GTA is updating our Wireless Data Fair Usage Policy starting December 1, 2019. Visit 

There will be changes to the Lifeline Program effective 12/1/2019

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that effective December 1, 2019, Lifeline Support subsidies will be reduced for all eligible subscribers. Lifeline support discount of $9.25 per month for stand-alone voice service is reduced to $7.25 per month. This stems from FCC Order 16-38.

For more information please visit

Wireless outage 12/6

To our valued customers,
We apologize for yesterday’s wireless outage affecting voice and data services. GTA was one of 13 networks worldwide that suffered major outages yesterday with millions of smartphone users in Britain, Japan, and Guam losing voice and internet access on Thursday.  
It appears the problem was due to a faulty software deployed by mobile network equipment maker, Ericsson. According to Ericsson’s President Borje Ekholm, the problem was due to faulty software. Ekholm released the following statement today saying, “We work hard to ensure that our customers can limit the impact and restore their services as soon as possible.”  
GTA’s President and Chief Executive Roland Certeza said his teams, along with Ericsson, were working hard for over 10 hours to remedy the situation. He says, “Thanks to all of our customers for their patience and understanding, it gave us much needed time to fix the problem as quickly as we can. A big thanks to our technical teams who worked the long hours through the night to resolve the issues.“
GTA has made significant investments in its wireless business. In 2018, the company materially expanded its LTE network footprint to better serve its customers.  

GTA Digital TV service rate adjustment effective 2/1/2019

GTA is committed to providing you the best entertainment and service experiences - now and into the future. As we continue to make improvements to our services and programming costs continue to rise, our cost of doing business increases. We try to absorb as much of the programming costs as possible, but a portion of them will be included in your bill due to rising costs.

Starting February 1, 2019, our Digital TV rates will be changing. Please click on the PDF below for your current TV package. We realize you have many choices to get your entertainment; so we will continue working hard to bring you greater value with more entertainment, as well as exciting upgrades.

If you would like to learn more about how you can save by bundling GTA services or need assistance in finding the right option for you, please visit any of our retail stores, call us at (671) 644-4482 or chat live with a GTA representative 24/7 at We appreciate your loyalty to GTA and look forward to serving your needs.

Notice of fee changes: late payment fees and reconnection fees

When you fall behind on paying your bill, you may find charges that you don't typically see on your bill. For instance:

  • Late payment fee
  • Reconnection fee

If you're disconnected due to non payment and then have your service restored, you may be charged a one-time reconnection fee.

Notice of bill changes: PL 34-87 BPT equivalent (4/2018)

Effective April 1, 2018, Guam Public Law 34-87 increased the Business Privilege Tax (BPT) from 4% to 5%.

A new line item with Description “PL 34-87 BPT Equivalent (April 2018)” will reflect the equivalent of this 1% increase and begin in your May bill.

The corresponding 1% increase is for your services billed during the previous month. The BPT is a tax imposed upon GTA and is an element of the purchase price. More information can be found in our General Terms and Conditions, Section XXIX.

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