Fleet Management

Wirelessly track, monitor, and enable your fleet

GTA Fleet Management solutions bring you control, insight, and accountability. Monitor vehicle locations, arrivals, and departures while having real-time access to critical operational data - lowering overall fuel emissions and reducing your company's carbon footprint. Keep your mobile workforce connected to the information they need with our complete wireless Fleet Management solutions.

Enhance Fleet Efficiencies

  • Detailed, easy-to-follow maps that allow drivers to find information quickly
  • Efficient routing of drivers, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions
  • Online access for re-routing if necessary, which saves vehicle wear and tear and improves drivers' quality of work life
  • Downloading of schedule and route changes to drivers, which helps dispatch vehicles faster and improve customer response times, therefore reducing travel time and costs
  • Reports on mileage, speed, stops, and delivery times and allows monitoring of drivers' activities
  • The ability to remotely check vehicles' fuel, tire inflation, and oil levels, which improves vehicle performance and reduces breakdowns and repairs
  • Remote validation of credit cards and submission of drivers' reports, which reduces time-wasting trips back to the office, accelerates delivery and sales cycles, and enhances customer relations
  • Improved driver safety with the ability to lock doors, shut down engines, or trigger panic alarms remotely

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