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GTA is an authorized reseller of IP PBX Systems from Avaya



The Avaya system delivers intelligent Communications solutions that help companies gain the advantage needed in a competitive marketplace. Avaya continues to lead the global market in IP PBX technologies with more than one million businesses worldwide, including more than 90 percent of the FORTUNE 500® using Avaya solutions for IP Telephony, Unified Communications, Contact Centers and communications-Enabled Business Processes. Avaya's customers range from small, medium, large and enterprise businesses and offer a wide selection of desk phones, mobile devices and mobile applications. Avaya is listed as an approved vendor with GSA.



GTA is an authorized reseller of Nortel Networks' Centrex solutions. Centrex features via the Public Switch Telephone Network allow GTA customers the opportunity to tailor their telephone system to meet their changing needs. This arrangement is particularly desirable for businesses that require two lines or more.

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Hosted PBX

Much like traditional TDM-based Centrex services, Hosted PBX Services is designed for customers that want the features of a PBX or Key System without the need to purchase or maintain their own system. All PBX functionality and routing intelligence resides in the GTA network. In addition, Hosted PBX Services is a vast improvement over traditional Centrex, in that IP phones and web interfaces support many advanced features.

Key Benefits: Eliminate the need for infrastructure investments since there’s no hardware or technology to maintain on the premises. All day-today operations and maintenance of the PBX will be performed by GTA. You also gain access to the latest technology automatically, with all upgrades handled by GTA.

You can start with a small number of extensions and grow to any size, without phone system constraints or hardware upgrades. Adding or removing extensions is quick and simple, needing only a few minutes time to accomplish.

GTA’s Hosted PBX services deliver a vast array of innovative features and capabilities to enable companies to improve employee productivity while delivering better customer service. The most important is the ability to route calls to any phone, rather than just phones wired to the PBX inside the office. Other major advantages of Hosted PBX include lower entry and support costs, greater ease of management, flexibility, and improved scalability.

Hosted PBX Services Features

With Hosted PBX Service, get the features you really need. GTA TeleGuam currently offers two packages for you to choose from: Basic and Premium. Our Basic Package includes standard calling features such as Call Forwarding and Multiline Appearance Directory Numbers. This Package is a great option for businesses that need just the fundamental features of a phone system without the cost and hassle of having an on-site PBX.

Our top-selling Premium Package adds additional capabilities to our Basic Package with features such as Find Me / Follow Me and exclusive access to CommPortal, which is a web portal where you can easily manage and control all communication features, program your handset’s softkeys, and check voicemail at the click of a mouse. Voicemail is also included in our Premium Package.

Call Forwarding
Automatically route incoming calls to another phone number. For example, forward your work calls to your mobile phone when you’re on the road.
Call Hold
Can't answer the phone right now? Place calls on hold and retrieve the call when you’re ready. You can also place another call while the initial call is on hold.
Call Log
Using the LCD display of your handset, you can access a log of missed calls, incoming and outgoing calls.
Caller ID (Inbound & Outbound)
See the number and name (if applicable) of the person calling you. This feature also sends your name and number when you make an outbound call.
Call Park
Place a call on hold and pick it up at another extension in your office.
Call Pickup
Answer a call that is ringing on another telephone that is within the Call Pickup group.
Call Restriction
Allow or restrict dialing of emergency calls, LD calls, 411, internal calls, international operator calls, premium services and toll free calls.
Call Transfer
Transfer calls to another party.
Call Waiting
Receive alerts of new incoming calls while you are on an existing call.
Directory Hunting
Allows calls to be redirected to other predetermined lines when any of directory numbers of the individual lines in the hunt group are called. Hunting allows a number of lines to be grouped into a "pool" so that an incoming call is directed to whichever of the lines is available.
Distinctive Ring
Set a special ringing pattern so you’ll know whether an incoming call is from an internal or external caller.
Do Not Disturb
Activate this feature when you don’t want to be bothered. This feature prevents incoming calls from ringing and calls are instead directed to an attendant, busy tone, or another user.
Group Intercom
Make calls to extensions just be dialing a 4-digit code instead of the entire 7-digit telephone number.
Last Number Redial
Redial the last number you called by pressing one or two keys instead of dialing the entire 7-digit telephone number.
Message Waiting
Receive audible and visual notifications when you receive a voicemail message.
Multiline Hunting
Activates hunting when the pilot directory number of a hunt group is called. If the line is busy, hunting will continue to the end of the list.
Multiline Appearance Directory Number
Assign a directory number to more than one business or single line telephone set.
Speed Calling
Simply dial a short code, instead of the entire 7-digit telephone number, to place calls to commonly called phone numbers.
Simultaneous Ringing
Have incoming calls ring multiple phone numbers or extensions at the same time.
Three Way Calling
Add a third party to an existing conversation to form a three-way conference call.
Account Code
Track and manage expenses by adding/changing/creating billing codes for your businessdtd>

Premium Package - Includes all the features of the Basic Package PLUS:

Premium Package Features
Voicemail w/ Advanced Features
All the capabilities of a traditional voicemail message system – and more. Have access to your voicemail message, settings, and recordings from any standard web client.
Find Me / Follow Me
Set preferences on how people can reach you. You can set your phone to ring at your desk, go to your mobile phone, and end up at your home office. You can also set your calls to go to your Voicemail.
CommPortal Web Portal
Access and control your telephone features via a web portal. It's easy to use and has a very intuitive interface.
CommPortal Assistant
This is the desktop application of your CommPortal Web Portal. You can access key features with just one click. You will also receive incoming voicemail or unified messaging pop-up notifications.
On-line Call Log
View a clear snapshot of your outgoing, incoming, and inside call logs via the web portal.
Click to Dial
Eliminate the need to physically dial numbers residing in your contact database. By simply click on any name from within any messaging client, calls are instantly placed.
Unified Messaging
Keep your voice messages in a single repository that provides you a consistent view of inbox content and status no matter how messages are accessed – via telephone, web browser or email application. Stay on top of new incoming messages with the aid of powerful notification options.
Microsoft Outlook Integration
Integrate your Hosted PBX Service with your Microsoft Outlook so that you can initiate click-to-dial outgoing calls directly from Microsoft Outlook.

Hosted PBX Equipment

Take full advantage of your GTA TeleGuam Hosted PBX service from our ever-expanding list of supported IP Phones. From entry-level phones with essential, everyday features to advanced models for conference rooms and managers or administrative users, we can help you match the right phone with the right need or location to make your business more productive.

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