Calling Features

GTA offers an array of local phone features designed to enhance your business capabilities. Phone features enable employees to receive calls at a different location, determine call importance and filter out undesired calls. Each of these abilities allows workers to make more efficient use of their time and make the most of their phone communications.

Standard Calling Features
Call Waiting
Know when another contact is trying to reach you while you're already on the phone with call waiting. You will be informed of incoming calls and can use this information to better communicate with both incoming calls in a timely fashion.
Call Forward
While away, call forwarding allows you to send your calls to a different phone number. On the go? Send work calls right to your cell phone.
Call Forward - No Answer / Busy
You can choose to only forward calls if the line is busy. Or you can even have calls forwarded after a few rings, thus allowing someone to pick up at home first. This is a great feature if you're not sure where you will be at certain times of the day.
Three Way Calling
Conference calling can be easy to facilitate with three-way calling. Use this feature to keep everyone in the loop, all at once.
Speed Dial 8 Numbers
Put your most frequently called numbers on speed dial so they are programmed right into your phone and are as easy to reach as the press of a button. Your work day just got more efficient.

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