Long Distance

Secure Connect

Secure Connect allows customers to control their long distance out-dialing to prevent fraud, and manage usage, while maintaining the easy dialing benefits of direct dial long distance services. Secure Connect customers can activate one or more Secure Connect users and pin codes on any of their telephone numbers and have their Billing Statement LD Call Details listed by their Secure Connect user names. Note: Secure Connect is only an added security feature for telephone lines PICd to GTA and cannot be used as a calling card.


  1. Secured direct dial long distance service with a four digit PIN code.
  2. Manage usage by unique PIN code(s) for one or many users.
  3. No monthly fee and no cost to activate service.
  4. Itemized call detail report separated by their Secure Connect user names.
  5. Service is free exclusively to GTA long distance subscribers.

For more information, please contact the GTA Business Sales team at (671) 644-1000 or email to businesssales(gta)gta.net. You may also fill out our online contact form.