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Managed services

Focus on your business with GTA Managed Services

We want you to focus on your core business. At GTA, we offer your business a host of managed services so you don't have to worry about your infrastructure.

The managed services we offer include

Managed Router Service

Increase the efficiency and reliability of your network services without increasing your IT resources. With GTA Managed Router Service, you can expect a turnkey management solution that provides a single point of contact for end-to-end management of your router.

Hosted Services

Whether you're a small or large business, we understand that you need to create, support and manage your web presence. From websites to complex managed server environments with hosted corporate applications, GTA Hosted Services has a solution for you.

Ethernet Services

With GTA for Ethernet, extend your connectivity and reach your customers and prospects on-and off-island, via our fiber or copper facilities. This solution is practical and cost-effective for extending your network, as well as for transporting voice and data services. Enable and manage your own applications, across the island and beyond, just by managing the network in your business.

Colocation Data Center

Data integrity and communications are at the heart of globalization and as your business grows, a secure hosting and backup facility becomes increasingly important for data-sensitive customers, both on and off Guam. The GTA Colocation Data Center positions GTA as a regional hub and a gateway for both Asia and the U.S., so you can extend and scale your business beyond the island.

Offering tailored solutions to businesses of all sizes

Whether you run a SoHo, SMB, or an enterprise on our island, we offer business services for organizations of all sizes to extend your connectivity and increase efficiency and reliability. We understand that your business has unique requirements, so we offer customized business solutions to keep you, your team, and your customers connected.

Why GTA for business?

A network you can trust

Get connected to your customers and prospects faster, seamlessly and securely, with our fully buried, fully owned fiber and copper network.

Work the way you want

We want you to work and collaborate without limits anytime and anywhere, with the connectivity you need to power your business productivity.


We have invested over $70 million in our networks over the past four years—with no plans to stop—to consistently deliver a world-class experience to the businesses of Guam.

Tailored to your ambition and scale

Whatever your ambition and scale, and however you need to connect with your customers and prospects, GTA provides a full range of services specifically tailored to the needs of your island-based business.

Let's get your business connected

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