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SoHo bundles

Accelerating your business doesn't have to come with a price. At GTA, we offer a range of practical business bundles that stretch your small-business dollars without compromising reliability and support.

SoHo Business Bundle Service highlights

Broadband Internet for Business

Connect to your customers and prospects with a reliable, flexible, and seamless connection with GTA Broadband Internet for Business, powered by our fully buried, fully owned fiber and copper network to bring you faster speeds. What's more, we want you to experience a stronger WiFi connection with GTA’s modem and built-in router, with no additional monthly rental fees.

Wireless for Business

Stay connected to your customers and prospects on the go without worrying about going over your minutes or data.  Enjoy additional services such as GTA Roam like Home, where you can maintain your business connections wherever you are in the world, at no additional cost.  Connect to the internet seamlessly for emails or video conferencing with 4G LTE Data. Plus, enjoy the the following Wireless for Business features:

  • Voicemail

  • Call Waiting

  • Caller ID

  • Busy Transfer

  • 3-Way Calling

Free installation & Activation. Terms and conditions apply. Bonus bundle data is for a 12-month period only. For New Handset option, you can extend your promotional term to 24 months if you upgrade to a faster Business Internet speed (50 Mpbs) if VDSL is not in the area. Bonus bundle data is for a 24-month period only. 

Let's get your business connected

Terms and conditions

For SoHo, business customers are required to sign up for a minimum 12-month contract for broadband internet for business services.

For SoHo +, business customers are required to sign up for a minimum 24-month contract for broadband internet for business services.

SoHo bundles are only available exclusively for SoHo customers who sign up for new services with a Customer Solutions Specialist at our new flagship store in Tamuning.

Conditions may apply.

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