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Hafa Adai!

My name is Chelsea A. Sablan, and I am a Customer Care Representative here at GTA.

Our amazing People Experience Team reached out to me asking if I could get personal and share my experience as part of the GTA Familia. Let me tell you, knowing that everyone will be reading my story makes me feel very nervous… and excited, of course.

From saying yes to this opportunity - the biggest take away for me has been to get involved, never be afraid to ask too many questions and to always find different ways to go the extra mile or above and beyond what is expected of you.

I was attracted to GTA after hearing from everyone that it was a good company – and they were right! GTA was the first company I have worked for that created such a welcoming environment. I felt like I could be myself, mingle and meet a lot of different people, and was quick to be included right away. Even my family has noticed that GTA is growing, offers great benefits, takes good care of its employees, and that managers really care about their people.  You do not always find a company who cares for their customers and employees like GTA does, so I am constantly recruiting and sharing about my great experience working at GTA or encouraging others to switch their services to GTA. I feel fortunate that this is a career and not just a job and I want to give my all for GTA like they have given to me.

I first joined the GTA family in 2017  as a Service Consultant but after working hard, giving it my all, and asking for more responsibility and feedback, I jumped at the opportunity to transition into the role of a Customer Care Representative. I am proud that I have grown with the company so quickly.

The Customer Care Team is committed to providing customers with topnotch customer support that exceeds customer’s expectations, which is extremely rewarding! We also work closely with other departments to make sure processes are working smoothly and customers are receiving what they need in a timely manner. Making a difference in someone’s life is wonderful and that is one of the biggest reasons why I enjoy working at GTA.  

A typical day starts with greeting my fellow team members each morning as I arrive at the office. I am busy responding to emails and following up with customers, making outbound calls, and resolving customer issues. There is never a dull moment and we have so much fun as a team that it makes me look forward to coming into work!  

The Customer Care team strives to ‘Always Win Together’. We each bring our own unique strengths to the table and often one team members’ strength helps another team members’ weakness. This creates coaching moments, learning opportunities, support, and is an overall winning chemistry to be a part of. 

I have worked on the Customer Care team for a year now and we are really close-like best friends! Each quarter we have a team bonding event like getting facials or going off-roading and it has helped us build strong friendships with one another. It is nice to spend a day together laughing and having fun outside of the office. 

There are six unique members in total and we all bring different perspectives and ways of looking at things. For instance, one team member loves looking at ways to improve our workflows, while another knows how to use the right words to communicate with customers, and together everyone brings their strengths to ensure the customer feels valued. We try to walk in the shoes of our customers and work collaboratively to come up with solutions that solves a customer’s problem and improves the level of customer service we deliver.

I have always found myself in customer service roles. It is my strength and what I love to do; but there are still some challenges that come along. For instance, the most challenging aspect of my role as a Customer Care Representative is keeping myself calm and level-headed when problem solving with customers.  I do this by not letting tough customers or situations get to me while at the same time knowing that I had done everything I could on my end to resolve their issue and that I tried my best to create a better experience for them. It helps me feel good at the end of the day. I try not to bring anything from my day at work home with me.  

Overall, working at GTA has been amazing and I hope you enjoyed learning more about my journey here with you all! I have truly learned that the sky is the limit at GTA if you are willing to work hard and take ownership of your own development and I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given by working here.

Our Team motto that we follow is, “It’s okay to fail as long as we constantly evolve.” In other words, if you are not failing, you are not learning.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. If you have any questions or would like to hear more, please feel free to reach out to me at any time - I would love to share!

Biba GTA!
- Chelsea  

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