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Are You Getting Enough Fiber?

Posted on April 05, 2016

Do you remember the Dark Ages of dial-up internet, when 56k was the fastest speed, when you'd lose your internet connection when someone called the house phone, when it took 20 minutes to download one song? Thank goodness those days are behind us. All that's left are the stories we'll tell our grandchildren about how we used to plug phones lines and modem cables directly to computers because there was no such thing as Wi-Fi. 'What's a phone line?' they'll wonder.

Today, most of us have an internet connection at home of at least 10 Mbps, which is 178 times faster than 56k. 10 Mbps is fast enough for users who don't stream a lot of HD movies or television, play online games, or do a lot of heavy downloading. But once you start adding people and devices to that Wi-Fi connection, 10 Mbps can slow way down and feel more like 56k. I experienced this when I visited family in the states and stayed at my sister's house. My sister's high-speed internet was sufficient for her family of three, but when three houseguests added their laptops, phones and tablets to the load, the connection crawled and lagged.

Since May last year, GTA has been upgrading neighborhoods around the island with Fiber to the Neighborhood, delivering the fastest internet speeds available on island to home subscribers, up to 50 Mbps. At five times the speed of what most of us are getting at home, 50 Mbps might sound a bit excessive… until you consider what that means for a household with multiple users and devices.

Simply put, the higher your bandwidth, the more devices you're able to connect to the system and maintain fast speeds. If you have three or four things going on at the same time in your house, say, your kids are playing games on separate systems (a computer and a gaming console), your spouse is streaming a movie, and you're uploading vacation pictures to Facebook, you will likely experience some lags because you are altogether pulling from the same 10 Mbps bandwidth. 25 Mbps would significantly improve your experience. 50 Mbps would pretty much make those problems disappear.

Fiber means faster download speeds, better performance, more HD channels and movies, and an overall improved experience for multiple users or devices. Fiber also delivers improved upload speeds for faster uploads to cloud services, gaming servers, YouTube and live streaming. With current promotions starting at $75/month, GTA Fiber doesn't cost heaps more than what you're already paying for internet and you could save even more by bundling Fiber with other GTA services. You won't have to purchase a new modem or Wi-Fi router because GTA Fiber includes a convenient all-in-one modem and router.

So my question is, are you getting enough fiber? If you're wondering if 50 or even 25 Mbps is too much, think about this: no one has ever expressed disappointment over a fast and reliable internet connection. "Oh no. This is way too fast. I wish my internet speed was a little slower," said no one, ever.

GTA Fiber is available in areas around the island, and crews are working every day to expand coverage to more neighborhoods. Look out for GTA's ice cream truck, which is strolling through villages giving away ice cream in Fiber-ready neighborhoods such as Liguan Terrace. Follow 'GTATeleguam' on Instagram and Facebook to find out if the GTA ice cream truck is coming to your neighborhood.

For more about GTA Fiber, or to check if your house is Fiber ready, go to https://www.gta.net/fiber or call 644-FAST.

Josie Moyer is a freelance writer and GTA customer who loves technology and lives for adventure. Find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as Latitude13, and on her blog, www.latitude13.com.