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Which is better: iPhone or Android?

Posted on February 17, 2016

A review of the Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE

Since the rise of the smartphone, the Apple vs Android debate has polarized the mobile population into two camps that are virtually neck and neck. Asking the seemingly innocent question: "Which is better – iPhone or Android?" can spur a discussion as heated and charged as politicians debating public policy.

So, today I'm here to tell you all the reasons why an iPhone is, like, totally way better than an Android. Just kidding. I've been a happy iPhone user for a number of years. My last three phones were all iPhones. However, for the past couple of months I've been using a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and there are certain things about the S6 Edge that I like better than the iPhone 6. Here are some of the features that stood out to me.

It's Highly Customizable
The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is packed with built-in features that make the unit extremely customizable without having to download external apps. You can change backgrounds and icons with a single tap and access other themes through the theme store. You can customize the size of the home screen grid to allow for more icons and position icons anywhere on the grid. Easy Mode is a useful feature if you're handing your phone to a young child to play games or to a person who isn't tech savvy. Private Mode protects files and photos that you would like to keep for your eyes only. With SoundAlive+, you can even customize sound quality and effects when using a Bluetooth headset.

Some of the main customizable features of the S6 Edge incorporate the actual edges of the phone. With Edge Screen you can pull up news and weather updates or a list of apps that you use the most. With People Edge, you can set up to five contacts as favorites and quickly access them from the edge of the screen. With Edge Lighting you can assign color codes to contacts, leave your phone faced-down and the phone's edges will illuminate a certain color based on who's calling. Edge Lighting is a neat way to screen for important calls and messages without constantly checking your phone. My friend Tony Muna, also an iPhone user, showed me how to set up Edge Lighting. Thanks, Tony!

There are tons of other S6 Edge features that can be customized, allowing you to create a mobile experience that is tailored for your personality and preference.

The Camera is Incredible
When I got an iPhone 6, I thought the camera was the best I'd ever experienced. And it was—until I tried the S6 Edge camera.

The S6 Edge camera has a higher resolution, a wider field of view, and a wider front facing camera so no one gets left out of your selfies. You can even go into "Wide Selfie" mode, which takes a panoramic-like photo with the front camera. Both front and rear cameras utilize a wide f/1.9 maximum aperture lens which mean it shoots well in low light situations. Photos taken with an S6 Edge are sharper, warmer and more vibrant than the ones I've taken with my iPhone. And in this Age of Filters, the S6 Edge comes with loads of built-in effects plus easy access to a store where you can browse and download additional filters and camera modes. The S6 Edge also captures stunning 4K video at 30fps with stereo audio. I really like that you can instantly launch the camera by double clicking the home button - even if the phone is locked or you're using an app - so you're less likely to miss a shot.

Honestly? I love my iPhone 6 but I'd love it more if it had a Galaxy S6 Edge camera.

It Promotes Health and Wellness
S Health is a comprehensive fitness and health app that works with the sensors on the S6 Edge. It's a convenient and simple way to pay more attention to your activity levels without the need for a wristband device like a Fitbit, or paying for any apps. S Health keeps track of your steps, workout, water and caffeine intake and can measure stress, heart rate and oxygen saturation with built-in light and pulse sensors. It's like having a fitness coach who can help you achieve your goals based on the information you share with it.

Other Things I Like About the S6 Edge
- The large, crisp, razor sharp display is just beautiful. - It's super fast and it didn't crash or freeze up. I didn't have to reset it once. - Wireless Charging - charge your phone by laying it down on a charging pad. I'd love to have this feature for iPhone because I've bought one too many replacement cables over the years.

Things I Don't Like About the S6 Edge
- It doesn't easily share with my Macbook or Apple devices. I had to install third-party software to download files and pictures from the S6 Edge. With Android File Transfer, the S6 Edge mounts like an external hardrive that you have to copy files from first before you can organize or import on your Mac or Apple devices. - It's a little awkward to hold since the screen goes all the way to the edges. I often closed apps by accident because my fingers encroached on the screen.

So, Which One is Better?
As an iPhone person, using the S6 Edge felt like driving someone else's car – odd and unfamiliar at first but easy to navigate and find my way around after a few drives. The question is: Would I switch from iPhone to Samsung? It isn't likely because of compatibility issues with my other Apple devices, but it's not something I would automatically dismiss now that I've had this experience. Both phones offer similar features, as well as features the other one doesn't have. I don't think one phone is hands down superior to the other, I think it comes down to personal preference. But I do wish my iPhone 6 had an S6 Edge camera.

If you're on the fence between the two, stop by any one of GTA's locations and check out the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the iPhone 6s and tons of other mobile phones that are on display. In my experience, the hardest part about choosing a new mobile phone is knowing it will probably be out of date in a year or so.

Josie Moyer is a freelance writer and GTA customer who loves technology and lives for travel and adventure. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as Latitude13, and on her blog at www.latitude13.com.