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GTA Capture App brings magic to our print and web ads

Posted on January 22, 2016

Happy New Year! I hope 2016 turns out to be your best year yet.

You're probably over the holidays by now but there's just one more thing I'd like to show you before you take down the rest of the Christmas lights and put away the belen. It's the GTA Capture App and it's a neat little thing that you might have missed over the holidays that brought augmented reality to GTA's Capture Your Holiday ads.

You've heard of virtual reality, I'm sure. The difference between virtual reality and augmented reality is this: Virtual reality replaces the world around you with an entire digitally created world. Augmented reality shows you the world around you as it is but with things added to it.

For example, at Les Invalides in Paris where Napoleon Bonaparte is entombed, you can rent a tablet that brings augmented reality to the exhibits. You just point the tablet camera to any sculpture, painting, even the floors and ceiling, and the augmented reality guide brings up all sorts of information for further delving. It's a neat way to explore the parts of the museum that personally interest you, at your own pace.

GTA's new Capture App brings some of that magic to their print and web ads. You just have to download the app – it's free and available for Android and iPhone – and point it to a GTA ad to experience it. Here's a short video I recorded of my brother and his wife experiencing the GTA Capture App for the first time.

In the future, GTA will be rolling out ads and content that incorporate more augmented reality and I’m excited about that because there are so many ways the technology can be useful, educational and fun.

Right now you can enter to win a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge by signing up on the GTA Facebook page. You can increase your odds of winning by downloading the GTA Capture App and using it to view their Capture Your Holiday ads either online or in print. Actually, just point the GTA Capture App to this ad right here and follow the instructions:

Next week I’ll talk about my experience using a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which has been interesting because I’m an iPhone person who has never used a Samsung before. It’s kind of like driving someone else’s car—odd but familiar in the most basic ways. Have you switched from an iPhone to a Samsung phone? I’d love to hear why you switched and if you’re happy with your choice. You can write to me at latitude13@gmail.com.

See you next week!

Josie Moyer is a freelance writer and GTA customer who loves technology and lives for travel and adventure. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as Latitude13, and on her blog at www.latitude13.com.