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Am I eligible for a discount?

Whether you are stationed here on your own or accompanied by your family, we're committed to providing you with a great service at an even better price. 

That's why we've created a set of unique offers for our high speed internet and mobile customers, across our pay monthly and prepaid plans. 

To find out if you qualify, check out our frequently asked questions below and let us help get you connected. 

Offers FAQs

Am I eligible for a discount on my plan?

If you are on active duty, a reserve or a retired U.S military personnel you and your dependents are eligible for a discount on your plan.

Do I need to prove my eligibility?

Yes. In order to receive your discount you will need to provide the following documentation, depending upon your role.

Active duty

Military orders, Pay stub, or Military ID


Valid retired Military ID, Veteran's ID card, Military retiree account statement, or Veteran's health insurance card

Military dependent

Military dependent ID

I received my bill and my discount was not applied? What do I do?

Please bring your bill to any of our retail locations and one of our customer solution specialists will apply the correct discount to your next bill.

Why does the U.S military personnel/sponsor need to be the primary account holder?

To verify that the military member is on the account, they must be the primary account holder. For active duty members who are deployed, we will work with their dependent to verify eligibility.

Can a secondary account holder be added?

Whilst the primary account holder needs to be a member of U.S military personnel, a secondary account holder can be added for a dependent. The discount will still apply.

Where can I sign up for services in order to avail of the discount?

You can sign up at our military base locations at the AAFES or NEX.

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