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Equipment and additional features

Your home digital recorder

Ensure you never miss your favorite programs with the GTA Whole Home Digital Video Recorder.

You don't have to decide between watching two of your favorite shows playing at the same time either. With the GTA Whole Home Digital Video Recorder, you can catch all your favorite programs for as little as $14.95 per month.

With one-touch record capabilities, the GTA Whole Home Digital Video Recorder allows you to enjoy the following features without compromising on quality:

  • Record, rewind, or pause live TV

  • Record one show while watching another

  • Record over 100 hours of SD (Standard definition) programming and up to 23 hours of HD (High definition) programming

  • Dolby Digital 5.1® Surround Sound capable

  • Multiple video/audio outputs

  • Record, schedule, playback, and delete recordings from any set-top box within the home

Control all your TV devices seamlessly with one remote

For your convenience,  GTA offers the GTA Digital TV remote—a universal interactive remote control that can function as four remotes in one.  

This universal remote comes in handy for you and your family. By controlling your children's viewing choices from one remote and one set-top box, you can be at ease knowing that your in full control of the content your children can access. For more information on how to program your remote, please see the remote’s user guide provided at the time of installation.

Note: The remote control may not be compatible with all TV sets. If the Digital TV remote does not work, please use your conventional TV remote instead. 

Amplify your leisure moments at an affordable cost

Gain access to the GTA Digital TV experience at affordable rates for the following equipment and services.



Set-Top Box (required)


Add HD (High definition) channels


Whole Home Digital Video Recorder


Your one-time costs for the ultimate Digital TV experience

To ensure you get the best from your digital TV experience, please see below our additional set-up and service costs. 



Initial Standard Basic Installation (up to 3 Set-Top Boxes)


Secondary Installation


Additional Outlet


Customer Premises Visit/Troubleshooting On-Site


Get protected with the GTA Linebacker Wire Protection Plan

For your peace of mind, we want you to be protected. We understand that dealing with problems related to inside wiring of your home telephone, internet, or Digital TV can be a hassle. GTA *Linebacker Wire Protection Plan covers diagnosis and repair of the inside wire, jacks, cables, and outlets of your telephone, internet and Digital TV services provided by GTA. Whats more, you don’t have to pay any labor or material charges if you need a GTA technician to conduct any repairs covered by the plan.

* If you currently subscribe to GTA Inside Wire Maintenance Plan, you may upgrade to Linebacker.

Terms and conditions apply.



Linebacker Wire Protection Plan


A non-recurring secondary fee of $39.95 will be incurred if you subscribe to the Line Backer Wire Protection Plan after the initial installation of Digital TV services.

Your GTA support

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