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GTA Launches New Enhancements to Exclusive Handset Payment Option Program

October 18, 2018

HPO Program available for new and existing customers

(Tamuning, Guam) Friday, October 18, 2018- GTA is making it simpler for consumers to get their hands on the latest smartphones by launching new enhancements to its existing Handset Payment Option (HPO) program. The local telecom company also announces the launch of a new wireless plan for just $55 per month under HPO, which includes unlimited talk, text and data.

April L. Flores, GTA Director of Product Development, says HPO gives consumers more flexibility to upgrade. "Our consumers want more affordable monthly plans, more data to stream, and want to have the flexibility to upgrade to the latest devices at any time. HPO provides consumers with more control by removing barriers like long term contracts & upfront payments."

With HPO, customers who choose pay up-front can reduce their monthly spend at time of sign up and have the option to pay off their smartphone faster, if they choose, or apply payments to their HPO agreement to shorten the remaining months left on the program. Flores adds, "GTA is an innovative company, providing the best experience for our customers. Innovation isn't just about the product. It's about providing new ways for our customers to have the latest and greatest without breaking the bank."

HPO is available for new and existing customers. Those subscribers currently on the HPO program can text the word ‘HPO’ to short code 4636 to see when they are eligible to upgrade.

For more information on latest enhancements to our Handset Payment Option and list of available handsets under this program, visit https://www.gta.net/wireless/handset-payment-option.