Below are answers to many questions you may have with your Guam cell phone service. If your question is not listed, please contact our customer support team by email at ask@GTA.net or by phone at (671) 644 - 4GTA (4482).

Frequently Asked Questions (LTE)

  • If I have my own wireless mobile phones, will it work on GTA network?

    It will work on GTA network if it is a GSM phone that supports at least one of these frequencies: 850/900/1900/2100 MHz.

  • What is HSPA+?

    GTA upgraded the software of its mobile broadband network to HSPA+. HSPA stands for "High Speed Packet Access" and provides extended and improved network speeds. When HSPA+ is combined with enhanced backhaul, GTA already fast mobile broadband network delivers even faster 4G speeds.

  • How can I determine the best data plan for me?

    If you plan on using data for emailing, surfing the web or social networking applications, 1GB or 2GB of data will more than likely be enough - especially if you take advantage of free hotspots and Wi-Fi in your home or office.

    For bandwidth intensive activities like streaming music, video, or other data intensive apps, we offer an Unlimited data option.

    A simple way to estimate your usage, and select a plan that best fits your needs, is to use our Data Usage Calculator and review our available plans.

  • How do I set up my voicemail?

    The first time you use your voicemail with your mobile phone, an automated attendant tutorial will assist you to set up your password, record your name and personal greeting. Once these are all set up, you can access your voicemail features.

  • Can I check and access my voicemail from any telephone?

    Yes, you can access your messages from another wireless or landline phone by following these steps:

    • Dial your wireless mobile number
    • When you hear your greeting, press the star key (*) and enter your voicemail password
  • Does my phones support text messaging?

    All GTA Wireless phones support text messaging. If you are having difficulties with sending or receiving text messages, our Handset Technicians are available at our Tumon location.

  • Will I be able to keep my wireless number if I move off-island?

    Unfortunately, you are not able to keep your number if you move off-island. The Local Number Portability Law applies only to keeping a phone number when switching providers in the same coverage area.

  • Will I be charged for number portability?

    Yes. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allows carriers to charge general fees to their customers to recover their system costs of providing wireless LNP. Carriers may include line item fees for LNP on their customers' monthly bills, or add the cost into the customer's monthly rate.

  • What do I need to do if I want to port my mobile number to GTA?

    Visit any of our GTA locations and provide a copy of your most recent wireless bill. A Customer Service Representative will then begin the porting process by sending a port request to your old carrier. Do not terminate service with your old carrier. If you do, you may lose your number altogether.

  • How long will it take to port my mobile number?

    In general, it will take between 24-72 hours to port a number.

  • How does the Unlimited Mobile to Mobile feature work?

    Whether you are calling members within your Family Plan or to any GSM subscriber on our network at ANYTIME, the call will be rated as an Unlimited Mobile to Mobile call! Unlimited Mobile to Mobile only applies to GSM subscribers within our home network on Guam and will not apply when roaming off island.

  • Do I need a special phone to call international numbers from the US?

    No. All you need to do is dial "+" followed by the Country Code, Area or City Code, and Telephone Number.

  • Can I receive international calls while Roaming? How much does it cost?

    Yes. Incoming international calls cost the same as any other incoming roaming call.

  • What is the "+" key and how do I use it?

    When you use the "+" key on your GTA phone, you don't have to know the international access code of the country you are calling from. That makes international long distance with even easier than from your home phone. Different manufacturers have specific ways to access the "+" key, so make sure you know yours.

  • What is data roaming?

    Data roaming is the ability to access data services such as receiving email and web browsing on your handset while traveling abroad.

  • Will I need to purchase a SIM card from one of the carriers in the US?


  • Do I need to do anything different when creating an email message or responding to an email message?

    Access to email and other data services are identical to how you access on Guam.

  • Do phones purchased at GTA come with a warranty?

    All phones except our Refurbished Smartphones come with a warranty. If you purchase a phone on contract, it will have a 1 Year Limited Warranty. If a unit is purchased outright (or prepaid), it will have a 30-day Limited Warranty. This limited warranty does not cover liquid or physical damages.

      2YR Contract 1YR Contract Prepaid
    Brand New iPhone 1YR Limited Warranty 1YR Limited Warranty 1YR Limited Warranty
    Brand New non-iPhone Smartphone 1YR Limited Warranty 1YR Limited Warranty 30 Day Limited Warranty
    Certified Pre-Owned Smartphone 2 Months Limited 2 Months Limited 30 Day Limited Warranty
    Refurbished Smartphone (iWin Program) N/A N/A All Sales Final
    Feature Phone 1YR Limited Warranty 1YR Limited Warranty 30 Day Limited Warranty
    iPads 1YR Limited Warranty 1YR Limited Warranty 30 Day Limited Warranty
  • Do Certified Pre-Owned devices come with a warranty?

    Yes, they do come with a warranty. If a Certified Pre-Owned device was purchased on a contract, it comes with a 2 month limited warranty. If it was purchased outright/prepaid, it comes with a 30 day limited warranty.

  • Does GTA carry HAC phones?

    Yes, GTA has a selection of HAC phones.

  • Is Saipan considered Domestic?

    No, Saipan is not Domestic and is considered International.

  • What time does the Unlimited Nights Start?

    Unlimited Nights start at 7pm and end 6:59AM

  • Will I be able to get my iPhone unlocked?

    You may request to unlock your iPhone if any of the following conditions are met;

    1. You have completed your 2 Year Contract and your account is in good standing or
    2. You are relocating permanently and provide Military PCS orders. Your account must be in good standing and a Subsidy Fee must be paid.